Barry Dineen

I am the head of Virtual Reality and Architectural Visualisation at BVN. I have been creating visualisations for over 12 years now but the journey into VR over the last couple of years has arguably been the most exciting. I strongly believe that the latest virtual reality technology has begun to transform architectural visualisation and will empower people to experience and understand architecture in a much more natural and engaging way than ever before. I have been focusing on creating real value for VR technology in the architectural visualisation industry, by pioneering collaborative VR journeys through unbuilt designs.

If you want to find out more about the VR development we have been doing, send me an email at barry_dineen@bvn.com.au


Shanny Lam

While being a professional princess consumes most of Shanny’s day (we know this through her regular exclamations of “I’mmmmm busy”), she also finds time in her schedule to create VR experiences that make audiences genuinely forget that the journey they are on is virtual. Whether she is smashing out new blueprints, putting together massive levels, or user testing on architects, her ability to ‘get things done’ is what drives BVN Realities forward. Often this blistering rate of doing means that she has just enough time left over to stop Barry from going into another blind panic brought on by things moving too fast. Impressively, Shanny is one of only a handful of women that have worked in VR their entire careers.

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